Custom Commissions

Custom Paintings


Every piece created by JtheeCreative, is made to make each wall unique in its own way! 


For paintings $499 and less, payment is required in full and the 50% non refundable deposit is already included in the price. Paintings that cost $500 and more has two options (A) To pay the 50% non refundable deposit to start and the remainder will be due upon completion (B) To pay it in full. 


Once you've either paid in full or the deposit, that payment secures your spot on the list of which painting comes next. 


 Once you've made your purchase, you'll receive an email letting you know when your painting has started to be worked on. 


The next update you will receive will be a picture of the finished product. You will then be able to make any small changes if needed. 


If you want the painting to be done completely over, there will be a fee of 30% of the original price to repaint the entire painting. 


If you made a deposit first, the email will prompt you to pay the remaining balance on  the website. 


If everything is okay with the painting and the painting has been paid in full, your JtheeCreative painting will then be shipped off and you will receive and email containing the tracking number. 


So if you’re interested in purchasing a JtheeCreative custom piece, then lets get started on welcoming you to the JtheeCreative Family!!!


               12x24 = $150                    16x20 = $180

               18x24 = $270                    24x30 = $410

               30x30 = $425                    30x40 = $550               

               40x40 = $716                    36x48 = $770      

               48x60 = $1300                  60x60 = $1750 

               60x72 = $2050                  76x80 = $2833




For more custom commissions, murals, live/performance paintings, speaking engagements, workshops and all other inquiries, an email must be sent to for quotes and information




Thanks for your support!