Jemal Hayes

Jemal Hayes was born in Vero Beach FL. Attended VBHS and then IRSC for graphic

design. His love for the arts started in high school with art classes and a photography class where he learned to capture images, process the images in a dark room. He practiced his love for drawing and painting through high school and his young adult years.

After working various jobs he rediscovered his love for photography when he was creating graphics for various clients and realized that a lot of people did not have any good portraits of themselves. This was either because of lack of funds or realizing the importance of having your portrait taken. He started “Mr. J’s Video Productions” in 2002 capturing video footage for friends and family and quickly progressed to still photography. The business name has since transformed to “Mr. J’s Media Productions”. He has been in business now for over 14 yrs, primarily focussed on photography, creating moving art, but he continues to do video production and graphic design. In addition he transfers old film, video, and photography to digital media.

Jemal married his high school sweetheart Simmone, they have 5 children and have been married for 22 yrs and now live in Sebastian Fl.
He focused on photography for several years until the past year he sought another way to express his creativity. Painting was the way he found most therapeutic.
His style of painting is vibrant, energetic, and emotive. It is different from most of the art around town. His unique style draws your attention and allows you to see art from a different perspective.

Email: Jemalhayes@me.com

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