The Portrait Experience


We absolutely love capturing long lasting memories during our Portrait Experience. It warms our heart to know that we get to share in these precious moments of our clients’ lives. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to watch our client’s children grow from infants all the way to Junior High School. Whether it be individual or family portraits, we want to share in your memories as well.

Your Portrait Experience is a 70 minute session at the location of your choice.  Outfit changes are welcome during your session.  Just keep in mind that time required to change counts toward your Experience time.  We  want your Experience to be more than you could ever imagine, so bring your personality, your props, and even your friends to document your experience.









The first step in the Portrait Experience is booking your session. Once you have decided you are ready to have “The Experience” and make your session retainer, you will receive an email letting you know available dates we have for sessions. The Portrait Experience can be booked for any day of the week. Most people generally requests to have their portraits captured on the weekend when they have off from work. Once you have selected a date for your session and book online, you will receive a confirmation email. You, our client have full control over location selection for your experience.



Now it’s time for the Portrait Experience session. As stated above, your experience will last approximately 70 minutes. The Portrait Experience is done at the location of your choice. We realizes that most people prefer to have their portraits captured for their experience at their favorite location, so we opted to forgo the overhead charges of having a studio. Outfit changes are welcome as always. The Portrait Experience allows for up to 4 people in our family portraits session. Additional cost applies for more than 4 persons.


After your Portrait Experience is done, you may either opt to purchase the Thumbdrive of your images or you can come in for an Ordering Session. You must book an appointment for your ordering session. The ordering session is a separate fee. You will receive a print pricing guide during your ordering session along with a proof sheet for ordering sequence. Ordering sessions guarantee the highest quality prints and wall decor from our professional printers.